We feel that it is very important for the business broker and the client to be a ‘good fit’ and thus we state our criteria.

BUSINESSES THAT WE DON’T ACCEPT: Restaurants, hotels, gaming sites, marijuana dispensaries, single retail stores, taverns, startups, turnarounds and companies looking for financing.

CLIENTS WE DO ACCEPT: Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Hi-tech and E-commerce businesses represent about 95% of the 400+ closed transactions that I have been involved with over the years. Note: ‘Service’ covers a broad range of businesses, such as medical/dental practices, engineering, testing, investment advisory firms, spas, molding, assembly, and other types of services.

SIZE OF BUSINESS HANDLED: The best measure is the Fair Market Value of the business — i.e. what it can be sold for. Over the years the largest transaction was at $27 million the smallest was under $300,000 and about 70% of the transactions have been between $1 million and $5 million in market value.

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: We cover Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties. In addition, via referral, over the years we have also handled transactions in Northern California, Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, the Pacific Northwest, and a few on the East Coast.

Source of Clients: Approximately 70% referral, about 10% ‘repeat clients’ and about 20% new clients who just ‘found’ us. Perhaps the greatest compliment we can receive are the 20+ clients who engaged our services to sell their businesses after first meeting us when they bought the business through us from one of our clients — in our minds that clearly shows that they know that we ‘bring added value’ to both sides of the transaction in working towards ‘win-win’ transactions.